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oldercouple-2One of the key elements to a successful Community Marriage Policy is to train Mentor Couples in churches and in the community who make themselves available to meet with other couples who are preparing for marriage or who have experienced a crisis in their marriage and are trained to help others through a similar experience. The concept has been developed by a number of organizations and training is offered in a number of settings. The training of Mentor Couples is a way that churches and communities can strengthen marriages and significantly reduce the divorce rate.

Accordingly to Mike McManus, “The major reform our church pioneered was to train older, solidly married couples to give the inventory and mentor those preparing for marriage…. This is a lavish investment of time, giving young couples what may be their first exposure to a vibrant, joyful marriage.”

Additional Resources:

Fireproof Your Marriage, Couple's Kit  

This couple's kit, based on the movie Fireproof was created to help build and strengthen marriages using biblical principles. It is designed with an easy format that integrates clips from the movie, key Scriptures, and group discussion, all perfect for couples' small groups. The kit includes an easy to follow six session DVD, and two participant's guides. For purchase information CLICK HERE.
Fireproof Your Marriage, Leader's Kit

Based on the movie Fireproof, this curriculum was created to help build and strengthen marriages using biblical principles. It is designed with an easy format that integrates movie clips, key Scriptures and group discussion. Intended for couples' small groups, the kit includes an easy to follow DVD, one leader's guide, and one participant's guide. For purchase information CLICK HERE.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) 
The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) (formerly known as the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors is the oldest and largest biblical counseling organization in the world. The training and certification of ACBC counselors is recognized worldwide with over 1,300 counselors in 29 countries that speak 27 languages with these numbers growing yearly. ACBC also has 60 certified training centers ranging from seminaries to churches. ACBC comes along side individuals to train and verify that they are faithfully ministering the Word of God in the counseling room. ACBC accomplishes the goal of training men and women to be excellent counselors by a three phase certification process.

Articles and Mentor Couple Training Programs:

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by Les Parrott, Leslie Parrott
Coaching can be very effective in helping a couple develop an improved marriage. Become a Marriage Coach with one of our online training programs at

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Les and Leslie Parrott’s ministry for effective marriage mentoring.

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Marriage Mentors underpins family ministries of the church by training mentor couples to effectively disciple other couples as they prepare, enrich or restore their marriages.

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The Solution For Marriages
Jeff Murphy and Chuck Dettman show you what God's fascinating design for marriage is and how successful marriage mentors and pastors are teaching couples to build awesome marriages.