Community Marriage Policies

Community Marriage Policies


 “Community Marriage Policy (CMP) is a research proven, effective solution. Local clergy sign a covenant agreeing not to marry any couple who has not had a specified, substantial amount of pre-marital counseling."

They also agree to help create strong, lasting and satisfying marriages through the use of trained marriage mentor couples. These couples provide marriage preparation to engaged couples and marriage enrichment and reconciliation to married couples. They also help with step-family formation and success.

‘A well-executed Community Marriage Covenant ... can save up to 80% of marriages headed for divorce, reconcile more than half of the separated couples and enable 80% of those in stepfamilies to be successful parents and partners.’ The Heritage Foundation”

According to “How to Cut America’s Divorce Rate in Half…A Strategy Every State Should Adopt” by Mike McManus, the five elements of a Community Marriage Policy include:

  1. Prepare couples for marriage.
  2. Enrich existing marriages.
  3. Restore marriages in crisis.
  4. Reconcile the separated.
  5. Help stepfamilies succeed.

In Florida, one of the most well developed and successful Community Marriage Policies is found in Tallahassee. Through the efforts of Live the Life Ministries led by Richard Albertson, ( the divorce rate in Leon County has experienced a decrease of 27% since the beginning of the effort.

First Things First University
For a relatively small fee, First Things U is a state-of-the-art virtual campus for anyone interested in creating a grassroots community marriage and family initiative. It lets you tap into a website that puts cutting-edge fundraising ideas, marketing strategies, research stats and more at your fingertips.