FL Family Group Hopes to Cut Divorce Rate

  • by: CBN News 02/05/09

CBNNews.com - Evangelicals in Florida have a plan to cut the divorce rate there 10 percent by the year 2012.

It's part of a three year marriage movement called "Strong Marriages Florida."

"Number one as people are entering the relationship we want to make sure that they're doing pre-marital inventories, that they're getting educated, that they have their eyes wide open about what they're getting into," John Stemberger, of the Florida Family Policy Council told CBN News.

"And second, we want to have programs that stabilize existing marriages," he said. "Finally, we want to have ministries that help crisis marriages."

Numerous churches, denominations, pro-family organizations and community leaders have organized throughout the state to strengthen marriages.

Familly Council leaders are also pursuing legislative reforms, such as increasing the filing fee for divorce and offering refunds if couples reconcile.

Also, the group wants to increase the fee for marriage licenses. That fee could then be waived if couples get pre-marital counseling.

A study last year by the Florida Family Policy Council found that children have fewer problems at school and home when they live with both biological parents and frequently attend religious services.

Source: yes2marriage.org