Campaign Aimed at Reducing Divorce Rate

  • by: Tara Herrschaft 02/03/09

America has the worlds highest divorce rate. Broken homes can have a negative impact on children, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. But this new campaign will hopefully strengthen existing, and future marriages.

In an attempt to try and reduce the divorce rate, the Florida Family Policy Council is launching a new statewide campaign called, "Strong Marriages Florida."

The campaign focuses on working with churches and community groups to provide programs for those getting married, and for couples who already have tied the knot.

In addition to heartache, divorce costs Florida taxpayers nearly 2 billion dollars.

"We don't have money anymore to just throw at problems. We need real solutions to real problems, and we're presenting some common sense solutions here that we think could really make a difference in the lives of real people," said John Stemberger, the President of the Florida Family Policy Council.

Richard Albertson, the President and founder of "Live the Life" Ministry says they've been fighting divorce for 11 years, through programs that teaches couples how to have successful relationships.

"Most people don't have skills. They don't know how to have healthy relationships. They don't know the skills to do that, so we show them the skills. How to communicate, and how to resolve conflicts, how to deal with budget issues. We show them the ropes," said Albertson.

Pastor Curtis Clark says his church uses similar programs and mentors to help couples tackle issues early on in the marriage.

"We've just seen that it is such a huge problem for families. And I think it's a wonderful thing when churches can come together and help to do that. And I think it helps strengthens the entire community when marriages are strong," said Pastor Curtis Clark.

Officials hope this three year campaign will reduce the divorce rate in Florida by 10 percent.