Who we are


The Strong Marriages Florida culture campaign is a ministry project of the Florida Family Policy Council in cooperation with churches, denominations, community marriage initiatives, marriage counselors, and community leaders across the state.

Strong Marriages Florida is seeking to create a marriage movement in Florida, with the end goal of strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate in Florida. The campaign was launched in response to the high number of divorces in our state and the negative economic impact that the fragmentation of families has on Florida taxpayers and our communities.

Strong Marriages Florida is passionate about marriage education. Our conviction is that much of the challenge with marriages comes from couples simply lacking the tools and skills needed to have a thriving and healthy relationship. Counseling is needed for complex issues such drug abuse and other serious problems. But because of the widespread breakdown of families, many couples who marry today are completely ill-equipped to have a longstanding, happy marriage because they have not had the benefit of seeing the interaction of a man and woman, father and mother, husband and wife. 

Whether we have a blue collar jobs or careers from a college education, we spend months if not years preparing for our work. Yet how long do most couples spend preparing for the most complex and challenging of all human relationships? Studies have demonstrated that an early investment of 12 hours of premarital education can provide a strong foundation for a lasting and healthy relationship.