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posted Nov 17, 2016

God's Design For Marriage

by: John Stemberger

VIDEO: FFPC President John Stemberger shares God's Design for Marriage.

posted Jul 11, 2016

Why Young Adults Both Want and Fear Marriage

by: Amber and David Lapp of The Daily Signal

Many young people are afraid of marriage, but that does not mean they are giving up on it. If anything, they possess a hard-earned un­derstanding about the suffering wrought by family fragmentation. They want a better life for their own children, and they deserve the support of everyone from cultural leaders to policymakers to business leaders as they seek that better way.

posted May 06, 2016

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages

by: Jill Savage, Focus on the Family

A thriving marriage is made of two thriving individuals building a relationship together. That would explain why the health of our marriages is ultimately determined by our individual health. We often talk about the importance of physical fitness, but we also need to be diligent about spiritual, emotional and mental fitness.

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posted Jan 26, 2009

Now on DVD, Fireproof is Saving Marriages

by: Michael Foust

South Dakota pastor John Little is a fan of Christian movies, but even he's generally skeptical when he reads stories about how a particular film is changing peoples' lives. But after watching "Fireproof" -- and seeing marriages change for the better -- he's a believer.

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