Date Night App

Date Night app

A primary goal of this culture campaign is to strengthen marriages by providing resources, information and practical helps for married (and engaged) couples.

February 7-14 is National Marriage Week and we want to encourage you to do something to strengthen and encourage either your own marriage or the marriage of a family member or friend. One easy but important activity that couples benefit tremendously from is to have “date nights” to just spend time away from work, kids, and the cares of life. They don’t have to be expensive, but date nights allow a couple to spend quality time and just focus on each other.

One tool we would like to offer you is our new Date Night smartphone app which is loaded with fun and interesting programs, questions, and activities you and your spouse can do together on a date night.

This FREE Strong Marriages Florida Date Night App can be downloaded on most smart phones and will be a great way to connect with your husband or wife on a night out. The directions are below. Download it today!

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