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posted Jan 12, 2014

How to Fight Income Inequality: Get Married

by: Ari Fleischer

"Marriage inequality" should be at the center of any discussion of why some Americans prosper and others don't. According to Census Bureau information analyzed by the Beverly LaHaye Institute, among families headed by two married parents in 2012, just 7.5% lived in poverty. By contrast, when families are headed by a single mother the poverty level jumps to 33.9%.

posted Jan 25, 2013

Marriage is an Anti-Poverty Program

by: Strong Marriages FL Team

During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, a national campaign to strengthen marriage, reduce divorce, and promote marriage prior to childbearing, is stirring up hundreds of events nationwide to help couples.

posted Jan 04, 2012

Commentary: Let's revive marriage in America

Only 51 percent of merican adults are married - a record low - down from 72 percent in 1960, accordingto a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. There are three ma or factors behind these trends.

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posted Feb 02, 2009

How to Bring Back Marriage In America

he good news is that a “marriage movement” has sprung up across the country. Many locally based organizations are having amazing success within their communities, working with couples of all ages, and strengthening marriages in many ways.

posted Jan 26, 2009

Now on DVD, Fireproof is Saving Marriages

by: Michael Foust

South Dakota pastor John Little is a fan of Christian movies, but even he's generally skeptical when he reads stories about how a particular film is changing peoples' lives. But after watching "Fireproof" -- and seeing marriages change for the better -- he's a believer.

posted Jan 13, 2009

Reducing Poverty by Revitalizing Marriage in Low-Income Communities: A Memo

by: Robert Rector

President-elect Obama, the collapse of marriage is the most important social problem facing the nation. When the War on Poverty began in the 1960s, 7 percent of U.S. children were born outside of marriage. Today, the number is 38 percent. Among blacks, it is 69 percent. You are in a unique position to reverse this alarming trend.

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